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May Schedule of Live Webinars

October Schedule of Live Webinars

by NSC Blog | Sep 17, 2018 | Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services |

Here’s our lineup of live webinars for October. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Visit the events calendar of our Clearinghouse Academy page to learn more about our ongoing webinars and other events. You can check out the on-demand webinars and tutorials on Clearinghouse Academy.

About the Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse: Learn About Our History, Mission, and Suite of Services (60 minutes)
Learn about the Clearinghouse’s history, our mission and vision, and how our services support the education community at large. Repeated monthly. For all institutional users.

Enrollment Reporting

Enrollment Reporting 101: Introduction to Enrollment Reporting (Beginner) (60 minutes)
Come learn tips and best practices in resolving some of the most common enrollment reporting errors. For new Enrollment Reporting users at participating postsecondary institutions or those looking for a refresher course.

Enrollment Reporting & NSLDS SSCR Process & Schedules (60 minutes)
Join us to learn best practices for scheduling enrollment reporting submissions to the Clearinghouse. We will examine the NSLDS SSCR process and how to work with the Clearinghouse for optimal scheduling of your reporting. For postsecondary institutions who are users of the Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting services.

Enrollment Reporting 201: Intermediate Enrollment Reporting (Intermediate) (60 minutes)
Come learn tips and best practices in enrollment reporting and error resolution. Intermediate Level. For new Enrollment Reporting users at participating postsecondary institutions or those looking for a refresher course.

Compliance Reporting: 90% Threshold Explained (60 minutes)
This webinar will help you better understand the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics Page and the program enrollment 90% threshold. For financial aid and registrar staff at postsecondary institutions that are active with the Enrollment Reporting service.

SSCR Error Resolution on the Web Series: Error Codes 63, 65, 66, 67, 77, 78, & 79 (60 minutes)
This session of our series will cover all program-related errors. The one-hour webinar will include step-by step instructions on how to resolve errors 63, 65, 66, 67, 77, 78, and 79; best practices; and a list of available Clearinghouse resources. For Enrollment Reporting users.

Introduction to Compliance Reporting (60 minutes)
Explore the basics of Compliance Reporting–the nature of the Clearinghouse’s partnership with FSA and NSLDS, how regulations evolve into system enhancements, and what all of this means for you. Learn how the data flows end-to-end, and about upcoming enhancements and strategies for the ever-changing world of enrollment reporting. For postsecondary institutions who are active or inactive with Clearinghouse services.

Enrollment Reporting: Understanding G from Degree  (60 minutes)
The Clearinghouse sheds light on the Clearinghouse’s G from Degree feature. Learn how it works, how to make the most of this feature, and best practices. For current users of G from DV looking for better understanding and those curious about G from DV and are active with the Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting and DegreeVerify services.

Compliance Reporting: Top 5 Audit Findings (60 minutes)
Come learn from our Audit Resource Center experts what the five most common audit findings are–and how you can avoid them! The team will share tips and best practices, as well as helpful resources available to you. For users of the Enrollment Reporting service wishing to learn more about the Audit Resource Center.

Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer: Increasing the Graduation Rate of Your Students (60 minutes)
Reverse Transfer can help both four-year and two-year institutions increase their graduates. Learn how the Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer service can help alleviate your workload in the reverse transfer process. Best practices for policies, procedures, and technology will be discussed. Join us to help all of your students get the degree they have earned. For staff members at institutions not using Reverse Transfer or who are new to the Clearinghouse’s Reverse Transfer service.

StudentTracker® for Colleges & Universities

Introduction to StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities (Premium) (60 minutes)
Come learn how to use the NEW StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities Premium Services!  This webinar will review how to navigate and use premium service features. For postsecondary institutions active with StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities.

StudentTracker® for High Schools

Introduction to StudentTracker for High Schools (60 minutes)
Come learn about StudentTracker for High Schools. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of StudentTracker for High Schools, how you can use it, and the different search options available. For secondary schools not active with StudentTracker for High Schools.

Transcript Ordering

Transcript Ordering: Introducing the Next Generation Ordering Experience (60 minutes)
Preview the Clearinghouse’s redesigned transcript ordering application. You’ll get a look at our improved student ordering interface that provides a more dynamic, responsive experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop ordering. The redesign cuts student ordering time in half, allowing for even faster transcript delivery. After you experience the student’s point of view, you’ll be ready to be switched over to the new ordering platform. For current users of the Clearinghouse’s Transcript Ordering service (note: you must attend this webinar in order to access and use the new interface).


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