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The National Student Clearinghouse Announces Tony Chiles as Chief Technology and Information Officer

The National Student Clearinghouse announced today that Tony Chiles will serve as Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) to lead the organization’s data and technology teams. In addition, Tony will directly oversee the organization’s digital transformation to become a primary trusted data source for the nation’s trusted education and workforce data eco-system.

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Latest from the Research Center

  • Tracking Transfer

    Latest six-year baccalaureate degree completion rate for transfer students from two- to four-year institutions is reported for the 2016 cohort of first-time degree-seeking students, analyzed by student demographics and institutional characteristics.

  • Undergraduate Degree Earners

    The Undergraduate Degree Earners Report provides a demographic and education credential profile for all students who graduate with an undergraduate-level credential, encompassing undergraduate certificates and associate and bachelor’s degrees. In this report, we profile students who earned undergraduate credentials during the most recent academic year (2022-23), focusing on first-time completers versus those with a prior award.

  • Transfer and Progress

    Transfer enrollment represents 13.2 percent of all continuing and returning undergraduates in fall 2023. The number of students who transferred into a new institution in fall 2023 grew 5.3 percent in fall 2023 compared to fall 2022 (+62,600), driven by students transferring from a two-year institution to a four-year institution (upward transfer, +7.7%).

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