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The National Student Clearinghouse works with education organizations across the country to optimize the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) and deliver a product that provides meaningful data to improve student success. Once your institution signs up for the PDP, you can easily share your interactive dashboards and analysis-ready file with any of these partners.

Partner Testimonials

“The PDP helps you tell your story and make better decisions because it counts more students. It counts students who are new to your institution and students who transferred in. It counts full-time students and part-time students. It’s hard to make a policy decision, for instance, if 70% of your students are part time, but they’re excluded from the dataset.”

Laurie Heacock
Senior Advisor, Data and Analytics, Achieving the Dream, Inc.

“[PDP data is not] just ‘age’ by itself, or ‘gender’ by itself, or ‘attendance’ by itself, or ‘race’ by itself, or ‘Pell status’ by itself, but you can actually combine them up —it just makes it an extremely valuable tool for any college that’s committed to equity.”

Charles Ansell
Vice President for Research, Policy, and Advocacy, Complete College America

There are only so many initiatives that a system or a state or an institution can take on at one time. The PDP can be used to make decisions about what exactly you tackle as an institution, as a system, as a state at any given time.”

Gregory DeSantis
Vice President of Student Success and Academic Initiatives, Connecticut State Colleges Universities

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