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PDP Partners

The National Student Clearinghouse works with education organizations across the country to optimize the Postsecondary Data Partnership (PDP) and deliver a product that provides meaningful data to improve student success.

Once your institution signs up for the PDP, you can easily share your interactive dashboards and analysis-ready file with any of these partners.

Partner Testimonials

“With the PDP, the return on investment is tremendous.”

Laurie Heacock
Senior Advisor, Data and Analytics, Achieving the Dream, Inc.

“The PDP allows you to conduct a subgroup gap analysis and easily visualize equity gaps to understand what’s really going on. The visual format makes equity gaps clear, even to people not used to working with data.”

Eric Godin
Associate Vice President, State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO)

“The meticulous data we’ve been able to gather has helped us make better decisions about where to invest resources at a time when we literally can’t afford to make a bad decision.”

Tony Scinta
Executive Provost, Nevada State College 

Get Started With the PDP

Complete the form below. A PDP representative will reach out to you to discuss how the PDP can transform how your institution measures student success.

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