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“I want a secure and easy way to send electronic transcripts to our exchange partners.”


“We need to eliminate postal delays and costs, but still get our transcripts where they need to go”


“Our school sends out a lot of transcripts and needs to simplify and speed up transcript delivery.”

ETX: The Easy & Secure Way to Exchange Transcripts Nationwide

Electronic Transcript Exchange (ETX) is a secure national exchange that enables secondary and postsecondary schools, systems, states, and educational organizations to automate transcript exchange.

ETX Features

  • Easy-to-use upload and retrieve functionality
  • 24/7 transcript delivery
  • Supports multiple file formats (PESC TS130, PESC XML), including PDFs that look like your paper transcripts
  • Multiple secure send and receive options
  • Automatically validates senders and recipients
  • For transcript orders, tracks transcript delivery status and receipt
  • Bulk download capability
  • Straightforward set up process so you can get started within one to two business days

Add ETX to your toolbox and cut down even further on operational costs — ETX is free!

Questions? Read our FAQs.

ETX Benefits

  • Cost- and time-saving alternative to manually processing and mailing paper transcripts — Use ETX to send EDI, XML or PDF transcripts!
  • Shorter time-to-exchange giving you greater control over the transcript exchange flow with your exchange partners
  • Near real-time delivery eliminating the time delay and potential loss of transcripts sent via a postal service
  • Vast ETX network allows you to exchange transcripts with schools and educational organizations across the nation
  • No multiple emails, no additional security features, and no expirations after downloads
  • Secure — meets industry and national file transfer protocols
  • No in-house technical support required
  • FERPA compliant

    How ETX Works

    Getting Set Up on ETX

    • As part of your ETX service agreement, you can elect to be set up as a “sender” and/or a “recipient.” You will also select the formats (EDI, XML, and/or ePDF) you want to use to send and/or receive files via ETX.
    • Our dedicated ETX Support team will help you set up your account for our Secure file transfer protocol (sFTP), the underlying technology that supports ETX, including providing the implementation documentation you will need.
    • You can set up multiple offices/departments to receive transcripts. Each department will receive a unique ETX identification number.

    Exchanging Transcripts via ETX

    • All participating receiving schools are listed on the ETX Registry, along with their identification number and the file type(s) they accept.
    • Senders log on to their ETX secure account, upload the transcript file(s), and use the recipient’s unique ETX ID when sending files via ETX.
    • Each time a file is successfully uploaded to ETX, the sender receives a confirmation email.
    • Recipients receive an email whenever files are posted to their ETX account. The email contains a secure link to log on and retrieve the sent file(s).

    Electronic Transcript Exchange Flow

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