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StudentTracker for High Schools

StudentTracker® for High Schools is a unique program designed to help high schools and school districts more accurately gauge the college success of their graduates by answering such key questions as: 

  • How many of our high school graduates enroll in college?
  • Do they persist and graduate from college?
  • How long does it take for them to get their degrees?
  • Do they go in or out of state for college?
  • Do they attend a two- or four-year school?
  • Which colleges do they most commonly attend?

Why You Should Put StudentTracker to Work for You

StudentTracker for High Schools:

  • Tracks your students’ college attendance nationwide
  • Provides turnkey, professional-quality reports at an affordable price
  • Covers 97% of all postsecondary students in public and private U.S. institutions
  • Includes all types of institutions: two-year/four-year, graduate, public/private, trade, vocational, and others
  • Helps you accurately assess your college preparation efforts
  • Measures your graduates’ persistence in college
  • Complies with FERPA

If you offer outreach programs, such as Gear Up, consider our StudentTracker for Outreach Programs service to help you measure the college success of your program participants.

Get Started with StudentTracker for High Schools

Accurately gauge the college success of your graduates to better assess and improve your college preparation efforts.

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