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At the Clearinghouse, we know that although college is certainly important, a lot of learning happens outside traditional college degree programs. Today, there are many other ways to gain valuable skills — and many other ways to quantify and demonstrate those achievements. Today’s learners may gain skills and credentials in college, online, at their workplaces, through nondegree programs, or through industry associations — just to name a few. To paint a full picture of a learner’s valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities, all these achievements should count.

Myhub is an online platform that integrates all of a learner’s accomplishments into a single, secure location (also known as a digital locker) — no matter where, when, or how those learning achievements were earned. It is designed to bring together all an individual’s verified academic records and achievements, as well as credentials earned through online or workplace-based learning, in one place.

Even better, the current features and functionality in the Myhub platform are free for both institutions and learners.

​How Your Learners Can Use Myhub

Unlike any other platform available, all the information and achievements in Myhub are identified from data provided by credential issuers (e.g., colleges, employers, industry associations) or their proxies, rather than being self-attested. Myhub offers learners a single, secure dashboard that enables them to:

  • View their comprehensive education records, including colleges attended, enrollment history, courses taken, and college degrees and certificates earned
  • Download enrollment certificates and advanced registration certificates with your institution’s logo/watermark
  • Order transcripts through our next-generation transcript experience, which is up to 50% faster than other transcript ordering solutions, if the learner’s institution uses Clearinghouse Transcript Services
  • Order and view institution-awarded digital credentials, including Certified Electronic Diploma(s) from CeDiploma®
  • Import and showcase professional digital credentials and open badges from Credly
  • View and print “good student discount” certificates

How Myhub Benefits You and Your Learners

  • Supports student mobility by providing learners with a centralized authentic, unaltered, and independently validated record of their learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, in a single, secure digital locker
  • Saves time and reduces campus workload through robust student self-service features
  • Free to institutions and learners
  • Prepopulates the learner’s digital locker with data submitted to the Clearinghouse and our partners — no additional action needed
  • Streamlines transcript ordering by minimizing data entry
  • Makes it easy for students to download and share secure, verified, digital copies of institution-awarded diplomas
  • Enables learners to showcase all their learning achievements by integrating independently verified digital credentials and badges earned outside of school
  • Provides secure learner access via school’s student portal or social login (LinkedIn or Gmail)

Get Started with Myhub

Empower lifelong learning for your students with the Myhub platform.

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