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January Schedule of Live Webinars

by NSC Blog | Dec 17, 2018 | Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services |

Here’s our lineup of live webinars for January. You can register for one or more of them at the links below.

Visit the events calendar of our Clearinghouse Academy page to learn more about our ongoing webinars and other events. You can check out the on-demand webinars and tutorials on Clearinghouse Academy.

About the Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse: Learn About Our History, Mission, and Suite of Services (30 minutes)
Learn about the Clearinghouse’s history, our mission and vision, and how our services support the education community at large. Repeated monthly. For all institutional users.

Enrollment Reporting

Enrollment Reporting 101: Introduction to Enrollment Reporting (60 minutes)
New to the Clearinghouse, or just need a quick refresher on enrollment reporting? Come learn about how enrollment reporting helps your school. We’ll also cover the process of submitting your file and correcting errors and warnings, as well as some tips and best practices. For new Enrollment Reporting users at participating postsecondary institutions or those looking for a refresher course.

Enrollment Reporting 201: Intermediate Enrollment Reporting (60 minutes)
Join us and discover insights in enrollment reporting. Our experts will cover best practices for managing and correcting errors on your error resolution report. For intermediate- or advanced-level Enrollment Reporting users at participating postsecondary institutions.

Introduction to Compliance Reporting (60 minutes)
Join us to explore the basics of Compliance Reporting. This presentation will highlight the nature of the Clearinghouse’s partnership with FSA and NSLDS, provide an overview of Department of Education reporting requirements, and explain what this means for institutions. Learn how the Clearinghouse’s processes align with federal guidelines and how we support our participating institutions throughout the ever-changing world of compliance reporting. For postsecondary institutions that are active or inactive with Clearinghouse services

Enrollment Reporting: Understanding G from DV (60 minutes)
Join our presenters as they shed light on the Clearinghouse’s G from Degree. Learn how your graduate enrollment files can be auto-generated from your existing degree file submissions. For active users of the Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting and DegreeVerify services that are not using the G from Degree feature and those active users who want to see what’s new!

Compliance Reporting: Top 5 Audit Findings (60 minutes)
Come learn from our Audit Resource Center experts as they break down the most common audit findings in enrollment reporting. This webinar includes recommended resources and best practices to help your institution maintain compliant reporting and avoid issues come audit time. For users of the Enrollment Reporting service wishing to learn more about the Audit Resource Center.

SSCR Error Resolution on the Web Series: Errors 22, 38, 30 & 69 (60 minutes)
This webinar will address the SSCR errors commonly seen at the beginning of a new term. Our subject matter expert will provide step-by-step instructions, as well as share best practices and Clearinghouse resources for resolving errors 22, 38, 30 and 69. For users at postsecondary institutions active with Enrollment Reporting.

Enrollment Reporting & NSLDS SSCR Process & Schedules  (60 minutes)
Join us as we explore the enrollment reporting process and schedules, as they relate to reporting to NSLDS and non-direct lenders. We’ll examine why the enrollment reporting schedule exists, how files are processed, and how all this relates to the NSLDS SSCR reporting process and schedule. For postsecondary institutions that use Enrollment Reporting service.

Compliance Reporting: 90% Threshold Explained (60 minutes)
Join us as we take a deeper look into the NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Statistics Page and the program enrollment 90% Threshold. Learn what negatively impacts your statistics score and what actions you can take to improve your school’s score. For financial aid and registrar staff at postsecondary institutions that are active with the Enrollment Reporting service.

StudentTracker® for Colleges & Universities

Introduction to StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities (Basic Service) (60 minutes)
Come learn about StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the Clearinghouse and the StudentTracker for Colleges and Universities basic service, including how you can use it and the different search options available. For postsecondary institutions active with StudentTracker for Colleges & Universities.

StudentTracker® for High Schools

Introduction to StudentTracker for High Schools (60 minutes)
This webinar will provide a high-level overview of StudenTracker for High Schools, how you can use it, and the different search options available. For secondary schools not active with StudentTracker for High Schools.

Transcript Center

Introduction to the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange (60 minutes)
Come learn the benefits to your institution and how the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange service can help alleviate staff burdens and simplify time-to-transcript order completion. For Tennessee high schools and school districts not yet using the Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange service.

Transcript Ordering

The Power of Partnerships: eTranscripts Implementation Made Easy by Ellucian and NSC (60 minutes)
Join our Ellucian and Clearinghouse presenters as they walk you through how to easily implement the Ellucian eTranscripts solution with the National Student Clearinghouse on your Banner administrative system. Clearinghouse and Ellucian experts will guide you through everything you need to know about implementing eTranscripts, including functionality, benefits, the implementation process, requirements, and best practices and resources. For postsecondary schools implementing the Ellucian eTranscript solution on Banner.