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Recap of the “Connecting Learning to Earning” Webinar

by NSC Blog | Oct 18, 2021 | Learning Employment Records

Learn About a Learner-Owned Record and the Indiana Achievement Wallet

During our recent webinar, “Connecting Learning to Earning: The Power of a Learner-Owned Record,” Rick Torres, President and CEO of the Clearinghouse, and others discussed Learning & Employment Records (LER), and the Indiana Achievement Wallet endeavor. Webinar panelists discussed how these efforts will change the way education institutions and employers meaningfully value education, skills, and prior learning to create equitable pathways.

Watch an on-demand version of the webinar or read the transcript.

Furthermore, the National Governors Association will hold a virtual event Oct. 27 and 28 to showcase the Indiana Achievement Wallet, strategies for skills and lifelong learning systems. Register today to attend!

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from, and contribute to conversations with, leaders and experts on a wide variety of skills-based and credential-focused topics including COVID-19 recovery, emergent technologies, and best practices for reaching underserved communities.

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