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StudentTracker 3.0 Offers On-Demand Reporting to Boost Learner Success

by NSC Blog | Jun 3, 2024 | StudentTracker, K-12, StudentTracker for High Schools

The National Student Clearinghouse will soon release StudentTracker 3.0, a major upgrade to StudentTracker for High Schools. One of the convenient features it introduces is on-demand reporting. Academic leaders can request learner data whenever they need to understand their high school graduates’ postsecondary pathways, including transfer patterns, stop-out behavior, and completion rates.

Users can download the relevant reports directly from StudentTracker 3.0, including:

  • Student-Level Detail Report: With the student-level detail report, users can choose the high school cohort in which they are interested. The report automatically includes new data available in StudentTracker 3.0, such as dual enrollment and credential records. There are also new columns of data depicting degree-level mapping, class level, and enrollment CIP, providing a comprehensive picture of each student’s progress.
  • Analysis-Ready Report: The analysis-ready report provides detailed information for each student in a single row, so users can easily import it into their analytics software. Key outcomes are highlighted allowing users to prioritize efforts and focus on individual student needs efficiently.
  • Aggregate-Level CSV Files: The aggregate-level CSV report allows users to see the counts for each of the KPI visualization outcomes. This report is provided at the account level and includes counts for each high school associated with the account.

StudentTracker is a valuable resource for understanding student outcomes and improving educational strategies through data-driven insights. StudentTracker 3.0 will empower academic leaders to better evaluate their programs’ effectiveness with on-demand reporting on their students’ long-term academic success. Learn more about StudentTracker 3.0.

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