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StudentTracker 3.0 Delivers! Data Visualizations, On-Demand Reporting & More

by NSC Blog | Mar 13, 2024 | K-12, StudentTracker, StudentTracker for High Schools

Major Upgrade to StudentTracker for High Schools

The National Student Clearinghouse is getting ready to unveil StudentTracker® 3.0, a major upgrade to StudentTracker for High Schools. With StudentTracker for High Schools, you can accurately track the postsecondary success of your high school graduates nationwide. With StudentTracker 3.0, we’ve made it simple for users — high schools, districts, consortiums, and state departments of education — to access and interact with student data and quickly obtain learner insights.

What’s New in StudentTracker 3.0?

StudentTracker 3.0 is designed to elevate your educational research and analysis. Its features were built based on user feedback, such as a streamlined interface that makes navigating and accessing the data you need more accessible than ever. Other new features that will be introduced in StudentTracker 3.0, include:

  • Interactive Dashboards: The previously static PDF reports have been replaced with dynamic visualizations.
  • Key Performance Indicators: The three key metrics you need to understand your student cohorts’ progress — enrollment, persistence and retention, and graduation — are available in real time.
  • On-Demand Reports: You can generate the student-level detail report and analysis-ready report whenever you need them.
  • New Learner Outcomes: Dual enrollment and credentials earned, persistence, and additional credential information will be available in StudentTracker 3.0.

StudentTracker 3.0 empowers you to analyze educational data like never before. Watch our video to learn how.

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