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Save Your Institution Time, Money & Resources

by NSC Blog | Sep 29, 2022 | Clearinghouse News, Current Term Enrollment, Research Reports, Research Services, Transcript Ordering, Verification Services

Larry Hatch headshotLarry Hatch, Vice President of Business Solutions, Marketing & Communications, National Student Clearinghouse

Based on the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Current Term Enrollment Estimates report, approximately 16 to 17 million students are enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the nation.

The Clearinghouse staff works diligently with institutions to support students as they prepare for their futures. To help, the Clearinghouse offers a suite of products — available at no cost — to assist institutions and students while alleviating the backend transcript fulfillment responsibilities for school registrars.

A One-Stop Shop for Student Transcripts

The Clearinghouse’s digital wallet, Myhub, securely stores users’ academic records, training, and certifications. Through the Myhub platform, learners can view their comprehensive education records, download enrollment certificates, order transcripts, import professional digital credentials, and more. By housing this information in one location, Myhub provides a comprehensive picture of a student’s learning history and makes it easy to share with employers and institutions.

Taking Millions of Requests Off Registrars’ Plates

When it comes to landing an internship or job, the most basic qualification is typically one’s education history. Through its FERPA-compliant DegreeVerify and DiplomaVerify for high schools, the Clearinghouse helps students pursue internships or jobs by providing employers with a verification of enrollment, certifications, degree attained, and graduation. By instantly, accurately, and securely verifying this academic information, the Clearinghouse serves millions of students each year as they apply for jobs and academic opportunities.

More than 3,600 higher education institutions use the Clearinghouse’s DegreeVerify service, and more than 1,500 high schools use DiplomaVerify service, resulting in millions of education verification requests per year. As a result, we alleviate a tremendous work burden for the schools that leverage this free program.

Facilitating Student Discounts

One of the perks of being a student is taking advantage of special offers and discounts available only for those in the higher education setting. Whether it be a free subscription to Tableau, an interactive, data-visualization software tool; a discount on Adobe Creative Cloud, that gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography; or a complimentary membership to a professional organization, these opportunities can be beneficial for students.

To assist with the enrollment verification process for these opportunities, the Clearinghouse offers EnrollmentVerify. This program enables colleges and universities to refer any commercial enrollment verification request to the Clearinghouse for secure, immediate response. Not only does this benefit students, but the administration will also notice decreased call volumes and greater office efficiency.

Since 1993, the Clearinghouse has served as a trusted partner to thousands of higher education institutions and others to meet their compliance, administrative, accountability, and student success needs. Contact us to let us know how the Clearinghouse can help your organization!

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