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Palm Beach Florida High School District, 50 Charter Schools Now Using DiplomaVerify

by NSC Blog | May 19, 2022 | Clearinghouse News, DiplomaVerify, K-12, Verification Services |

Free, Diploma Verification Service Helps Free Up Administrators’ Time, Benefits Students

High school graduates from more than 50 charter schools in California, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington will be happy to know that their high school diplomas can be verified online now via the Clearinghouse’s DiplomaVerify service.

In addition, Palm Beach, Florida high school graduates will be glad that more than 60 schools within their district are now using DiplomaVerify. As new schools sign up for this free service to schools and students, check our participating schools list to learn about schools near you that may now use the service. To date, nearly 1,300 schools nationwide are using DiplomaVerify.

Signing up for DiplomaVerify is an easy choice. The service is:

  • Free for schools and districts. Schools and school districts do not pay a cent for DiplomaVerify. It is paid entirely by the fees that employers and background screening firms pay to use the service.
  • Free for students. Your graduates will never pay for the verification of credentials performed through DiplomaVerify.
  • Freeing. Employers and background screeners have direct access to DiplomaVerify’s automated online system, without assistance from school or district staff. That frees school staff to do other work.
  • Easy for you. It is like flipping a switch. DiplomaVerify uses the data that your school or district already submits for StudentTracker for High Schools; there is no additional work to get started.
  • Fast and convenient. The service is available to users 24/7, and verification is immediate. That is good for your graduates — they won’t miss out on job opportunities because of verification delays.
  • Secure. DiplomaVerify provides only consent-based verifications — employers must have a graduate’s authorization to verify their graduation records.
  • Trustworthy. DiplomaVerify is a service of the National Student Clearinghouse, which is widely recognized for its commitment to data security and student privacy. We apply those same protections to DiplomaVerify.

Visit DiplomaVerify to learn more!