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How High Schools Can Increase Counseling Capacity with CGN

by NSC Blog | Jul 22, 2022 | K-12, StudentTracker for High Schools

High school counseling departments across the U.S. are facing huge caseload issues, with the average counselor supporting 420 students. There’s less time to provide college and career counseling, leaving many students and families with a complicated and significant life decision but without the tools they need to make an informed decision. Information overload and growing misinformation further complicate the process, making the job of the school counselor even harder. To help support high schools with the college counseling and career guidance resources they and their students need, the National Student Clearinghouse has partnered with College Guidance Network (CGN).

CGN provides school counseling departments with a comprehensive content platform — including 1,000+ elements (streams, videos, podcasts, PDFs) — that delivers experts for everyone through live and on-demand college and career content solutions. It levels the playing field by assuring all students and their families have access to the highest quality information to help them navigate the high school-to-postsecondary transition.

According to CGN subscriber Diane Campbell, Director of College Counseling at Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins Colorado, “I really was looking for something where I could onboard easily but also give equal opportunity to all my students, no matter where they might be, and that’s exactly what CGN provided…there’s such a wealth of resources for families no matter what stage they’re at.”

CGN’s one-stop solution comprises four areas:

1. CGN Live Programming: Year-round expert speaker series featuring nationally recognized experts (deans of admissions, financial aid experts, Malcom Gladwell, Sal Khan, Angela Duckworth, Frank Bruni, etc.).

2. CGN College Seminar: Bi-monthly, 30-minute live workshop led by a well-known college admissions expert, plus live special events featuring admissions deans and financial aid experts (e.g., January Junior Year Admissions Kickoff).

3. CGN Library: Online library of all content organized across the four journey stages: Exploring, Applying, Deciding, and Paying, along with pathways, community college, and career content. Counselors, students, and parents can also access hyper-curated Go-To Guides on a range of essential topics, like essays, college visits, and affordability. All video content is translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Korean.

4. CGN Professional Services: Direct access for counselors to top college admissions experts via check-in meetings and live programming. Counselor Bites is a live, 30-minute professional development session available to NACAC members and CGN clients. Counselors can also access archived professional development resources and on-boarding training for newly hired counselors.

Request a demo of CGN today and learn how to expand your high school’s college and career counseling resources.

CGN offers a “…wealth of resources for families no matter what stage they’re at.”

Diane Campbell
Director of College Counseling, Liberty Common High School

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