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Get Ready for Cybersecurity Awareness Month with Our Cybersecurity Webinars

by NSC Blog | Sep 9, 2021 | Announcements, Clearinghouse Academy, Enrollment Reporting, Financial Aid Services, Research Services, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services

Keeping information safe and secure — especially learner educational data — is vitally important for any institution and your role can be critical in ensuring data remains safe. To help you better prepare for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we invite you to join the National Student Clearinghouse for any or all of the webinars below. We’ll explore the world of cybersecurity, including what to look for when selecting and vetting vendors, how blockchain technology works, and how the Clearinghouse protects the data that institutions entrust to us.

> CyberSecurED Webinar: Building a Cyber-Ready Campus

Thursday, September 23 at noon, ET (60 minutes)

Join the Clearinghouse and a panel of cybersecurity experts for a discussion on the growing cyberthreats facing educational institutions; how you can prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyber incident; and the Clearinghouse’s commitment to student privacy and security. Register now.

> How the Clearinghouse Protects Data

Wednesday, September 29 at 2:30 pm, ET (30 minutes)

 Join the Clearinghouse’s CISO John Ramsey for insight into the steps the Clearinghouse takes to protect your data. Register now.

> The Security of Blockchain and Learner Data

Thursday, October 7 at 1 pm, ET (60 minutes)

How does using blockchain for learner data enhance the security of records? Join us to understand how the underlying blockchain technology, as used in Myhub and our work with the Learning & Employment Record (LER), functions to keep learner data safe and secure. Register now.

> Top 5 Security Concerns When Selecting a Vendor

Wednesday, October 20 at 2:30 pm, ET (30 minutes)

As you’re evaluating new software or partners, what questions should you ask around information security? Get tips on the security areas to evaluate and what documents a vendor should provide to help you evaluate the strength of their cybersecurity posture. Register now.

> Myhub: A Secure Digital Locker

Wednesday, October 27 at 2 pm, ET (60 minutes)

The Myhub online platform integrates all of a learner’s accomplishments into a single, secure location (also known as a digital locker). Join us for a Q&A with Clearinghouse CISO John Ramsey to hear answers to security-related questions about Myhub. Register now.

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