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Coming Soon! New StudentTracker for High Schools Enhancements

by NSC Blog | Jan 21, 2020 | Service Updates, StudentTracker for High Schools

The Clearinghouse has two new enhancements to StudentTracker® for High Schools planned for release later this year. The enhancements were developed in response to feedback from users and represent our continued commitment to increasing the value provided by our unique StudentTracker service.


ReportShare enables districts that submit data on behalf of their high schools to share the StudentTracker reports with their respective high schools.

  • Encourages collaboration between districts and their high schools
  • Enables high schools to gauge how their college preparation initiatives impact each class’s college-going rate
  • Allows high schools to see the top 25 postsecondary institutions first attended by their graduates

Top 25 Institutions by Graduation Class Report

  • Provides the top 25 colleges first attended by your graduates within two years after leaving high school
  • Covers all types of postsecondary institutions nationwide
  • Includes retention, transfer and credential data that allows you to see how good a fit each college selection is for your students

Watch for more details on the upcoming release of these exciting StudentTracker for High Schools enhancements.

And, if you’re a StudentTracker user, make sure you check out our latest High School Benchmarks Report. You can use it to compare your school’s most recent StudentTracker report against our national benchmarks for these outcomes: enrollment in first fall after high school, persistence from first to second year, and completions.

If your high school or district doesn’t yet participate in StudentTracker for High Schools, learn how it can help you accurately determine the college and career readiness of your students.

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