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Clearinghouse CEO Rick Torres Speaks to Forbes About Higher Education’s Workforce Wake-Up Call

by NSC Blog | May 16, 2022 | CEO, Industry Credentials, Myhub, Research Reports, Transcript & Data Exchange Services

Rick Torres

Rick Torres, National Student Clearinghouse President and CEO

National Student Clearinghouse President and CEO Rick Torres recently addressed questions from Forbes Senior Editor and President Emeritus of Missouri State University Michael T. Nietzel about the challenges faced by higher education as it addresses shrinking enrollments while employers are facing major workforce education needs.

President Torres discussed the ways the Clearinghouse helps students and institutions capture and share all of a learner’s experiences and education. This work assists learners in creating an effective path from where they are now to where they want to go.

Read the Forbes article in which President Torres addresses the following eight questions:

1. Higher education enrollments have been declining for about a decade. How much steeper did the losses become during the last two years, during the worst of the pandemic?

2. Where have the enrollment decreases been the steepest, and who has been most affected?

3. The enrollment declines are happening as employers are finding it difficult to hire the skilled workforce they need. How big a problem has this become?

4. Increasingly, we see employers trying to address this issue by either paying for their workers to go to college or receive additional training or by offering their own educational programs. How do you evaluate the significance of these two developments?

5. How big a threat to traditional colleges and universities are nonacademic providers of advanced education?

6. How should our nation’s colleges and universities respond to the need for curricula that are more skill-based or career-directed?

7. What specific steps should institutions take to align their programs with workforce needs?

8. How is the Clearinghouse changing its work to reflect the changing landscape of educational credentials? Are you measuring outcomes other than traditional degrees?

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