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How Student Self-Service Features Are Even Better in Myhub

by NSC Blog | Jul 20, 2021 | Clearinghouse Academy, Myhub, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Verification Services

Since 2002, the Clearinghouse has offered our free Student Self-Service to schools that helped cut down the number of student calls, emails, and in-person visits by empowering students directly. For nearly two decades, students have used Student Self-Service to take care of a wide range of enrollment verification-related tasks online – all through the school’s existing student portal and at no cost to the student or the school.

For example, Student Self-Service has enabled students to view their enrollment history, print verified enrollment certificates, take a look at their student loan deferments, identify their student loan servicers, and more. Now, all the great features students have enjoyed through Student Self-Service are even better – because they are now available on Myhub.

Myhub is an online platform that integrates all a learner’s accomplishments into a single, secure location (also known as a digital locker) – no matter where, when, or how those learning achievements were earned. It brings together all an individual’s verified academic records and achievements, as well as credentials earned through online or workplace-based learning, in one place.

The Clearinghouse’s Student Self-Service features are supercharged in Myhub. For example, schools that move over to Myhub will benefit from enhanced features, including:

  • The ability to add the school’s watermark to enrollment and advanced registration certificates
  • Downloadable reports available through the new reporting feature
  • Better user experience with streamlined login functionality
  • Stable, responsive, and accessible format
  • Better SAML integration and social login options
  • Enhanced security with multifactor authentication

Most importantly, Myhub is ADA compliant – ensuring that all students and alumni can benefit from Myhub.

In addition to Myhub’s benefits for schools, students can realize significant value when their schools switch to Myhub as well. All their learning achievements – at every school they’ve attended, as well as credentials they’ve earned both in and out of school – are in a single, secure platform. They no longer have to log in to each school’s student portal separately, because everything is in one place. Students benefit from bringing all their credentials together, giving them a complete picture of their learning accomplishments for the first time.

If you have questions about Myhub or would like to participate, please contact your regional relationship manager.

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