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Get to Know the Data Reporting Dashboard

by NSC Blog | Aug 18, 2023 | Compliance, Enrollment Reporting, Financial Aid Services

Through its intuitive design, our Data Reporting Dashboard streamlines the end-user experience and makes it simpler to navigate the Enrollment Reporting area of our secure site. All the critical information you need is always right in front of you so you can quickly and easily view and respond to time-sensitive items, like:

  • Overdue scheduled Enrollment Reporting transmissions
  • Outstanding Enrollment Reporting Error Resolution Reports
  • NSLDS Roster Distribution errors for the most recent NSLDS Roster cycle

Items needing your immediate attention are prominently displayed, helping you take the action you need to stay in compliance. In addition, you can use the Student Look-Up functionality to search for and edit the enrollment records of individual students at your institution.

Our Data Reporting Dashboard helps streamline the way you manage your compliance data reporting and reminds you of time-sensitive tasks. Watch the demo now.


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