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Coming Soon! Third-Party Transcript Ordering for Admissions

by NSC Blog | May 21, 2020 | Service Updates, Transcript & Data Exchange Services, Transcript Ordering |

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The Clearinghouse plans to kick off the summer by launching our newest Transcript Service, Third-Party Ordering for Admissions! Through this convenient new service, admissions officers can order transcripts on behalf of students who have been admitted or are applying to their institutions.

Relying on students to order and correctly send transcripts to your institution can take weeks. Our new service substantially cuts the time it takes to admit and enroll new students. That’s because admissions officers, who have the student’s consent, can place the transcript order directly. Electronic transcripts are securely delivered to the admissions officer via our ETX Plus service, where they can be quickly and easily downloaded.

Watch for more information on our Third-Party Ordering for Admissions service, including how your institution can participate, and register now for one of our upcoming webinars:

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