Our Future Plans

The redefinition of the future of work is here, and the Clearinghouse has a key role to play as the education and workforce communities move forward into the future.

Expanding Insights Through Expanded Data Sets

As part of the Clearinghouse’s effort to provide a complete view of learners’ achievements in a way that has never been possible before, we are bringing together compilations of diverse and relevant data from new sources, including workforce and non-traditional education, that can further help explain pathways and outcomes. As always, our longstanding data collection and utilization philosophies remain a central theme as we map out how these new data sources can be used by learners, institutions, and others to help enable each learner’s journey. Leveraging cloud technology is the clear path forward as we pioneer new ways of seeing learners across the education and workforce continuum.

The Clearinghouse will enhance our primary systems by migrating to a single, cloud-based platform, allowing us to build a system that can handle a broader range of data in more sophisticated ways. Through the transformation of our infrastructure, educational organizations and learners nationwide will benefit from new technologies and applications and make connections that will change people’s lives by opening up new educational and professional opportunities.

Enriching Learner Insights to Support Student Success

StudentTracker® provides unique visibility into educational pathways enabling secondary and postsecondary educators, including outreach programs and educational organizations, to better understand and support student success, including for our most vulnerable learner populations. In 2021, we are revamping our StudentTracker product line beginning by improving the service for high schools.

The transformation enabled by the release of StudentTracker 3.0 will allow us to deliver more actionable insights, automate data submission, and expand our reach across schools, districts, and states. Better insights will lead to improved access, equity, and outcomes for learners.

Creating a Full Picture of Learners’ Education and Employment Achievements

A significant amount of learning and skills acquisition happens outside traditional, for-credit education that isn’t accounted for in the current education-to-workforce ecosystem. As a result, skills are often undermatched or mismatched for potential employment opportunities. Having a record that documents these achievements and aligns with employers’ needs will clearly benefit not only students, especially those at community colleges, but workers and lifelong learners as well.

The Learning and Employment Record (LER) provides a verifiable record of a person’s educational and training achievements that can be shared between education providers and businesses. Our LER components will eventually be hosted on our Myhub platform offering users a way to translate their full education, training, and work experience to a record of transferable skills that will open the doors to higher-wage occupations and careers. Read about the cybersecurity LER pilot with IBM and others using our Myhub platform in this white paper from the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Digital Infrastructure Working Group.

Incorporating Innovative Technologies to Increase Records’ Utility, Security

Blockchain diagram showing inputs and outputs

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform higher education data portability, as it is designed to make it easier to securely share data across multiple organizations. Using blockchain, the Clearinghouse would transform and further evolve to serve the education and workforce communities in new ways.

The Clearinghouse is evaluating a national use case for blockchain technology to determine its ability to produce a permanent, verifiable, secure, updateable record of learning and skills certifications. This technology would allow us to build a more robust bridge between academia and the workplace. Blockchain can work with multiple technology platforms and  give learners of all ages control and easy access to their academic records. It could also make it easier for companies to identify promising candidates and for academic institutions to manage the huge increase in demand for learning credentials.

Blockchain diagram showing inputs and outputs

Bringing Noncompleters Back to College Campuses

Our Some College, No Degree reports have revealed that millions of students stop out of higher education before earning a credential. Many are saddled with student loan debt — and without completing their degrees, they lack the increased earning potential college completion confers.

During the past year, our Reverse Transfer platform enabled 656 degrees to be reported, giving transfer students credit for completed degrees at their previous institutions, boosting their income potential and increasing their likelihood of completing their bachelor’s degrees.

We are proposing a nationwide solution, Clearinghouse Completion Network, to identify, engage, and reenroll these students. Moreover, we will leverage the Clearinghouse’s demonstrated convening power to build relationships with organizations that provide resources designed to eliminate barriers to attainment for returning adult learners and foster a network that connects them with institutions engaging in reenrollment activity.

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