Shaping the Future for Learner Success

Three decades ago, financial aid was a stressful swirl of paperwork, errors, and complexity — all of which made it harder for learners to successfully complete a college degree.

Until the Clearinghouse.

The innovative approach taken by the National Student Clearinghouse® solved the problem of massive erroneous delinquencies, technical defaults, and expensive manual processing by creating a then-revolutionary centralized and secure data repository to speed and simplify enrollment reporting for learners, institutions, and financial aid providers.



Founded by the higher education community

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In the nearly 30 years since our nonprofit was founded by the higher education community, we have become a trusted partner to America’s colleges and universities, as well as secondary education, outreach programs, educational organizations, education finance providers, and servicers and guarantee agencies. Our solutions provide best-in-class reporting, data exchange, verification, and research services to the education and workforce communities as well as learners and policymakers. Read more about the Clearinghouse.



Created the National Student Clearinghouse® Research Center

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We created the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, dedicated to informing the national dialogue on higher education access and outcomes with valuable insights on completion, transfer, mobility, and more, including most recently the impact of COVID-19 on enrollment and transfers.

Although today’s learners have traded typewriters for smartphones, one thing will never change: Every learner deserves access to education. The Clearinghouse is driven to helping all learners succeed and brighten their futures.

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Our Reach


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nationwide postsecondary enrollment


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Our 2021 Impact

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~3.2 billion transactions processed

saving schools hundreds of thousands of hours so they can focus on serving learners.

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Hundreds of millions of dollars saved by educators

from our services, enabling them to deliver increased value to learners nationwide.

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~10 million errors resolved

before enrollment data was transmitted to lenders, servicers, and the U.S. Department of Education, preventing millions of students from receiving erroneous delinquency and default notices.

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280,000 support requests resolved

all free of charge — by our Customer Care team members, who smoothly transitioned to remote work during COVID-19 and continued to serve our customers successfully.

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1.9 billion+ research records processed

providing clients with actionable insights about learner outcomes related to persistence, retention, and educational achievements.

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~12,000 media mentions

of Clearinghouse research reports published since 2020 resulting in a potential reach of over 272 billion readers.

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~20 million education verifications

Including degree verifications for employers and background screeners shortening the time candidates wait before receiving job offers as well as enrollment verifications for student service providers offering discounts and more to students.

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We Have Not Done It Alone. Together, We Can Continue to Enable Learner Success.

For nearly three decades, the Clearinghouse has proudly worked in partnership with educational institutions and organizations nationwide that have provided the collaboration and support to help us meet and grow our service mission and help your grantees fulfill their education-related goals.

By supporting the Clearinghouse’s high-impact initiatives, your organization is maximizing its philanthropic yield on investments and contributing greatly to the collective impact that the Clearinghouse, along with its grantees and partners, have on the lives of learners nationwide.

Because we make it easier and simpler for thousands of colleges, universities, high schools, and educational organizations to serve their learners, the Clearinghouse can — through our services — enable your organization to amplify your impact across the education and workforce communities and, most importantly, on the lives of millions of learners.

Find out how the Clearinghouse can partner with and enable your organization to make a difference in the lives of learners who will shape our world tomorrow.

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