Learn to review and correct PDP file zip code errors.

Welcome to the Field-Level Error Resolution tutorial on the Web. Today, you will learn how to review and correct an error that has a Zip Code value that is not valid in the Submission Guide via the PDP Interface, generated from your PDP file submissions.

To view the Error Resolution Report in the PDP Interface, go to the link provided on the screen.

Next, log in with your application credentials.

Here is the landing page of the PDP Interface. The hyperlink on the Submission Number will only be available if there is an error contained within the file. Click on the submission number to go to the Error Resolution Report.

This is the error resolution report. It is important to read through the Error Count, Proposed Solution, and Affected Line Number fields carefully. Here is an error message for a zip code that has an invalid value. To locate the error in the file, please refer to the Affected Line Numbers field, which will indicate which row of data the zip code error is found. If there are multiple zip code errors, each row number will be listed. Please note, the zip code field is collected within the Detail Record in the Cohort, Course and Financial Aid files. The Proposed Solution states that the value must only contain alphanumeric characters, and one or more hyphen characters. If you are reporting an international zip code that contains an actual space, please delete the space or replace the space with a hyphen.

Please note this information is provided on the data definition table in the Submission Guide.

Please review your file and make the necessary changes. Then, resubmit the file via secure FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to the PDP team at pdpservice@studentclearinghouse.org.