Learn about about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Warning Codes 1701-1706 – CIP code not valid and how to correct the warning on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.

This session is intended for post-secondary institutions active with Enrollment Reporting.

Let’s discuss errors 1701 to 1706, CIP not valid.

Errors 1701-1706 occur when an incoming program does not match a CIP code found in the NCES list or a 2010 CIP code is not found in the student’s program enrollment history.

The incoming program is considered a new program, so all the fields are editable and you have the option to delete the program.

To resolve errors 1701 to 1706, navigate to the summary screen for the error and expand the student’s record.

If you update the student’s record by updating the CIP code to one on the NCES CIP code list with a closed status and submit it for validation, the error will be resolved if the program is found in student’s enrollment history. 

If the 2010 CIP code program is not found in the student’s history, error 1701 will continue to be flagged and 2010 CIP code programs are not accepted for schools reporting 2020 CIP codes, so it should be deleted.

It’s recommended for 2020 CIP schools to check your system and update as needed so you’re only reporting 2020 CIP codes.

This concludes how to correct errors 1701 to 1706. If you have questions, reach out to schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org.

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