In this lesson you will learn about about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 1577 – Campus and Program Level Statuses are in Conflict and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.


Welcome! Today, we will learn how to resolve error 1577, Campus & Program level statuses are in Conflict.

This error occurs when a student is listed on an enrollment file with a Graduated, Withdrawn, or Deceased status under the Campus level and has active enrollment under a program(s) under the program level.

To resolve the error, select the link for Error 1577.

On the Error Resolution report, you can see how many records are flagged with Error 1577. We also see detailed instructions for correcting error 1577.

Below the Error Resolution instructions, you will see the records that are flagged with the 1577 Error.

Here, you will see the campus level status, along with the status start dates provided in your enrollment file. You will want to review the separated status present for each student, to ensure that the separated status for the campus level is correct. If the separated status listed in the campus level is incorrect, this can be adjusted here.

To correct Error 1577, click the plus sign, under Details, located on the left, to expand each individual student record.

Once the student’s record has been expanded, you will see the program(s) that have been reported for that student.

Programs listed with an active enrollment status of Full time, Three Quarter time, Half time, Less than half time, or Leave of Absence, must all be updated to match the campus level status and program status effective date to match the campus level status start date, or if the student is still enrolled, the campus level status needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Select, the “Submit for Validation” button, to submit the correction.

If you have additional questions on how to address Error 1577 please contact and include Error 1577 in the subject line.

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