In this lesson you will learn about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 208 – Unreported Student Previously Enrolled in Term and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.


Welcome to the error code number 208 tutorial.

The error code 208 occurs when a student is reported to the Clearinghouse in an active status and is not included on the current file submission to the Clearinghouse for the same term.

The resolve error code #208 you’ll need to log onto our secure site. Once you've selected the correct error report to make corrections to , you'll see the full list of errors that need corrections.

To view the list of students that are flagging error code number 208, please select the error code from the list on the left side of the table.

Once you click on the error number you’ll be brought to the error description as well as the entire list of students flagging the error. Please note that the error description has changed to provide detailed instructions on how to correct each student record properly.

If you update the student record from this main page and do not click on the details you could potentially still have to update the students program data, which in that case you would see another error code appear once you submit your corrections for this error.

When correcting error code #208 you’ll want to click on the details plus sign on the far left side of each student record. This will allow you to see the student's entire enrollment record, including campus and program level data.

This is the view you’ll see when you click on the details sign for each student record. It will now allow you to view and make corrections to the students campus and program level.

Now that you are able to view campus and program level data under error code #208 you will be promoted to update all program data on the record that is missing a status and status start date or if the enrollment status conflicts with the status reported at the campus level.

Once you have updated the student's enrollment status and status start date accordingly at the Campus and applicable programs you can click the submit for validation button to clear the error.

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