In this lesson you will learn about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 208 – Unreported Student Previously Enrolled in Term and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.


Welcome! Today we're going to learn how to resolve error #208, unreported student previously enrolled in term.

This error occurs when a student reported on your previous report is not included in the current report submitted to the Clearinghouse.

From the student reporting tab, select the Error Correction link.

Select the link for error 208 which is listed in red. This is an indication the error must be corrected in order for the file to be accepted.

This takes us to the error detail screen. Here, you can either edit individual student records or update all records by using the mass correction feature. Please note that you should only use mass correction if the enrollment status is the same for all students with error 208.

To correct individual records, check the "select error" box and update the enrollment status and status start date. Then click the "submit selected records for validation" button to submit.

To view error details on individual records, select the blue plus located on the left side of the entry.

You can update any part of the individual student record in the details screen, this can help prevent any additional errors on this particular student. The Clearinghouse strongly recommends you review details prior to submitting corrections. Click the “submit for validation” button to save changes for all updates. Schools are only able to correct items that have a drop down or if the background is white. Once error 208 is submitted for validation it may or may not create a new error which will also need to be corrected.

For questions, or for additional assistance with error 208 please contact us at service@studentclearinghouse.org and include error 208 in the subject line.