In this lesson you will learn about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 71 – Zip Code Not Numeric and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.


The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to resolve error 71 zip code is non-numeric. Error 71 occurs when the ZIP code data field contains non-numeric characters. This can also occur when student enrollment records are submitted containing Canadian zip codes. Canadian zip codes are alpha numeric meaning they can contain both letters and numbers. When Canadian zip codes are submitted in files to the Clearinghouse, they often generate error code 71. To prevent this from happening, make sure you enter Canada, CA, for country code and foreign country, FO, for state code. Since the error 71 displays in black text rather than red, this serves as a warning. To correct, select error 71. Next, confirm the ZIP code is correct. If no corrections are necessary, you can bypass the warning. To correct for Canadian zip codes, select FO as the state code. Even though the NSLDS enrollment reporting guide provides Canadian state codes, reporting FO allows the Clearinghouse system to accept alpha numeric zip codes. Select the submit button to save your corrections. Once the record is accepted and processed it may be sent to NSLDS and should not be flagged for zip code issues. For more information, please view

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