In this lesson you will learn about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 1568 – Unreported Program Previously Reported for Term and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site. 


Welcome to the tutorial on Error code 1568. The purpose of this demonstration is to explain what error 1568 is and how to resolve it.

Error 1568 is Unreported Program Previously Reported for Term. This occurs when a student in your recently submitted enrollment reporting file is missing a program that was reported in a previous file. An error 1568 is flagged to notify you to review and correct as needed.

From the error list on the error correction platform, select error 1568.

Review the instructions, and select the plus sign located in the far left column to view the details of the student record and the program data in question.

Under the student’s detailed information, you will find two sections: The new incoming program data from this recent file submission, and the previously submitted program data – labeled “Unreported Program Data”. Please review to make corrections as needed.
Please note, only programs that were previously reported in an enrolled status and are “unreported” will flag an error and have fields highlighted for update. You may see unreported programs in a W or G status that are not errors and do not need attention.

In cases where a student has changed programs, you’ll select a program status of W, meaning withdrawn. A student withdrawing from one program and starting another is an example of a program change.
In cases where the student should not have been reported in the flagged program, you would select a program status of X, never attended.

Make sure you select an Enrollment Status Effective Date. This should be the date the student withdrew from the program. Or, in cases where you’re reporting an X status, select the same date as the program begin date.

To submit your changes, select the “Submit for Validation” button located towards the top of the screen.

For more information on error correction, view our other video tutorials online.

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