In this lesson you will learn about Clearinghouse Enrollment File Error Code 1520 – Program Enrollment Effective Date Invalid and how to correct the error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site.


Welcome to the Enrollment Reporting Error Resolution Series. Today we'll learn how to resolve error #1520, program enrollment status start date.

This error occurs when a student's enrollment status start date at the program level is left blank, invalid, or includes a future date.

For the purposes of this tutorial we will show how to resolve error 1520, but please note, that error numbers 1510, 1530, 1540, 1550, and 1560 can all be resolved in a similar way.

Error 1520 is listed in red, which means this error must be corrected before your file will be submitted.

From the error correction on the Clearinghouse secure site, select the link for Error 1520, a program enrollment effective date error.

On the Error Resolution Report, we see how many times error 1520 occurs in this file submission. We also see detailed instructions for corrections. To correct error number 1520 we need to enter a program enrollment status effective date for each of the student records listed below.

Although errors can be corrected from this screen, the Clearinghouse strongly recommends correcting individual records from the details screen. Click the blue plus located on the left to expand each record.

Data fields with a white background can be changed. Please note that viewing previously reported data for this student can be extremely helpful in selecting the correct enrollment status start date for this current record.

For questions, or for additional assistance with error 1520 please contact us at and include error 1520 in the subject line.

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