Learn why error 216 occurs and how to resolve it.


Thank you for joining us today. This tutorial will go over in detail error number 216.

The error #216 occurs when a student's incoming record comes in on your enrollment file submission with an invalid value populated in the privacy block setting field.

The resolve error code #216, navigate to the Error Resolution Report. Then you'll see the full list of errors that need correcting. .

To view the list of students flagging error code 216 please select the error code number from the list on the left side.

Once you click on the error number you’ll be brough to the error description as well as the entire list of students flagging the error.
On this page you will be able to view the previous privacy block setting that was reported for the student as well as a field to select the corrected privacy block to be applied to the students incoming record.
To clear the error you will either need to null the invalid value that is currently being reported if the student has no previous privacy block reported. Or you will need to update to the correct setting of 00, 01, 02, or 03 from the drop down menu.

If you need to review the students record further to compare what was previously reported you can click on the details plus sign next to their SSN to see a more detailed view of their record.

Once you click on the detail plus sign you will be brought to a more detail view of the students record.
if needed and you can also click on the View Previously Reported Student Data link to compare the incoming record that is flagging the error and what is currently reported in the Clearinghouse database for the student.

When you click on the View Previously Reported student data link you can then further compare what the Clearinghouse has currently reported for the student in our database and what is currently being reported on the enrollment file submission.
The data on the right side of the page in yellow is what is currently reported in the Clearinghouse database for the student. And the data on the left side in blue is the students record on your current enrollment file submission.

Once you have corrected the records with the valid privacy block setting you can select the records and then submit for validation.

Please be advised that after submitting records for validation you may see a pop up message. If you choose to update the invalid value back to its previously reported privacy block setting you will get a pop up message asking you to confirm that you want to keep the same previously reported data. If this is correct, then you can select OK and it will submit records for validation.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at service@studentclearinghouse.org.

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