Learn how to respond to pending verification requests.


Welcome to the Verification Services demonstration. Beginning on the Verification Services tab, we will start by reviewing some practice pending verifications. While approximately 85% of transactions we receive will be instantly verified, some transactions will require additional research by your school. Requests that are pending could not be immediately verified based on the information provided by the requestor compared to the information in our database. Common reasons for a request to go into a pending status include, but are not limited to, requestors providing inadequate or incorrect information, or a record was not submitted to us for that student.

Please complete transactions in order from the top of the list to the bottom, because the oldest request is at the top and should be prioritized. The optimal completion time for pending requests are within 24 hours or one business day whenever possible, because many of these students are dependent on the results of their verification in order to obtain a job.

Using the first transaction on the list as an example of a pending transaction in your queue, we will begin by reviewing the Student Information section. All requestors will provide the student’s name and have the option of providing the student’s date of birth. However, only our contracted members will be able to provide the student’s XXX. If a requestor provides the XXX in another field, for example if they provided the XXX as the student’s middle name, then please do not use the XXX because the requestor may not have obtained the student’s signed consent required to use this information.

Please note the degree level field, which is the degree type the requestor is seeking to verify. In this example, the degree level is set to “unspecified”, however, other examples include Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. or Professional. You can also verify certificates if your school would normally do so. The selected degree level option is the degree the student is claiming to have that the requestor is most interested in verifying. If we cannot locate the degree type the requestor is seeking in our records for this student, the request will go into a pending status to assist in verifying the requested information. Please note that the “degree title” field will not have the same affect, but is used to provide additional information for research, along with the fields “Major” and “Year”. We will delve into more detail about degree level in a later example.

In this example, there are two options under the Response Information header: “Found new student match” and “No match found”. Using the information provided, if you are able to locate one or more degrees for the student, then please select the option “I found a new student that matches the information provided. Add the new student and their degree.” This is under the “Found new student match” header. Once this option is selected, scroll down to add the degree record.

Any information that is already filled in is the information provided by the requestor, so this should be reviewed carefully for accuracy. Please correct any inaccuracies accordingly. Any field marked with an asterisk is a required field; however, we strongly recommend that either a date of birth or XXX is provided, if not both, because records without a date of birth or XXX cannot be used to match with any future verifications. When a degree record is added through a verification request, it is kept in our database for future verifications. Another optional field is the “Dates of Attendance”, which we strongly recommend that you provide if possible, because this information is highly requested and we may follow up with your school if it is not provided initially.

While entering a degree title, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of predictive degree titles based on degree titles previously provided by your school. Feel free to select one of these options or continue to type in the desired degree title. Then select the corresponding degree level. Please note that only one degree should be provided per record.


If your school elects to indicate a financial block, meaning the student record is blocked due to an unfulfilled financial obligation to your school, check off the “Financial Block” option. When this box is checked, the requestor’s verification will be closed as “unable to confirm,” and we will then instruct the requestor to have the student contact your school so that they may resolve the hold. Should the hold need to be removed in the future, then there are two options for removal. If there is a transaction that was blocked due to a financial block, then you may expand the verification results and select the “Remove Hold” link. There is no confirmation message, however, once the link is selected, the hold is removed automatically, and we will be sent a notification so that we can then notify the requestor. Alternatively, you may notify us by email and we will manually update the record and then notify the requestor if applicable.

Should the student have a FERPA block on their record, please check the option next to the “FERPA block” field. The requestor will be prompted to provide the student’s signed consent, and the information will not be released until consent is received. If we do not receive acceptable signed consent within the allotted timeframe, then the request will be closed as “unable to confirm.”

Once the form is complete select “Next”. A new section will populate, the “Verification Response” section, which will include the information you just added. Under this section, you may edit the record, delete it, or add another record if the student has more than one degree. If you would like to provide any clarifying information about the verification results, you may use the comments section to do so. However, please do not include any sensitive information, such as a XXX or a student ID number. The comments will appear with the verification results online. When all information has been provided, then hit “Submit” to complete the verification.


Moving on to the next verification response type, I will be demonstrating how to verify enrollment. Whether or not the requestor selected “Degree” or “Dates of Attendance” as the type of record they are seeking to verify, all available information should be verified regardless. Therefore, if you are able to locate enrollment but no degree, then you will once again select “I found a new student that matches the information provided. Add the new student and their degree.” To convert the degree record to an enrollment record, select “No degree awarded”. Doing so will update the required fields and you will no longer be able to enter a degree title or a degree award date. The field “Projected Graduation Date” will also become available. It is an optional field to indicate when the student is expected to graduate.


For our next example, we will review the “No match found” verification response. If you are unable to locate the student in your database, need more information in order to make a match, or else you have found a possible match, but the requestor has supplied mismatched information, then please select “I could not find any student that matches the information provided.”

If you do require more information or you would like for the requestor to check the data provided for accuracy, then please make this request in the comment section.


In the next example we will be reviewing verification response options when one or more degrees are located for the student, however, no degree was located that matched the requested degree level.

The requestor in this case selected “Associate” as the degree level. Under the Response Information, you will be able to see the student’s existing records in our database, which include two Master’s degrees and two Bachelor’s degrees. If you are not able to locate an Associate degree for the student, then select “I can only verify this person’s following degree level(s):” *and that will verify the listed degrees.

If you do locate the sought after degree, then select “I verified this person’s requested degree level. Add a Associate degree to this person’s record.” You may then complete the degree form below as described in the first example.... For this response option, both the new record and the records found in our database will be verified. Once added, you still have the option of adding additional degree records if applicable.

If you are able to locate a different student’s record that does not match the above records then select “I found a new student that matches the information provided. Add the new student and their degree.” When this option is selected, then only the records you add will be verified, not the above records that were identified in our database.


While not shown in our demonstration, another option you may see under Response Information are one or more potential matches. Potential matches will be available in the instance that there are one or more records that closely match the student information provided by the requestor, but some details may be mismatched. Potential matches will look like a request for degree level filtering, but there will be no attention box with the requested degree level. Review these options carefully, as there may be more than one student on the list, and they are not necessarily the correct student.


Returning to the pending queue, I will show you how to view verifications in different statuses. Your queue will automatically be set to show your pending verifications. You may change the Status field to “All” to view all of your schools verification requests, and you can search by student name, XXXX, or Transaction ID number. Please be sure to adjust the “Date Requested” dates as needed. Below, you’ll see transactions in different statuses. The red ribbon is a completed verification in an “unable to confirm” status, whereas the green ribbon is a “confirmed” status verification. You can also change your view to show statuses other than pending, such as “unable to confirm,” and you may change the type of verification you are searching for.


On to adding a degree record. If you have the Degree Online Update role, you will have access to this function. From the right-hand menu on the Verification Services tab, select “Add Degree Record”. You may need to use this function, for example, if a student is not included on a degree file or if there are only a few students whose degrees were conferred at a certain time. The process is just like completing a pending verification; you will provide all available information for the student and then select “Submit”.


Next we will overview your school’s reports for Verification Services. Select the “View Your Reports” link from the right-hand menu. The Transaction Report will provide you with a detailed report on all transactions performed by your school based on verification type and status. The Workflow Report will show you the average turnaround time of your school’s pending verifications that are processed manually, and also the number of transactions processed by user.


On to the final portion of the overview, alert messages. If you are a User Administrator and have the DegreeVerify Service Administrator role, you will be able to add customized alerts for requestors. Select “View/Edit Alert Message” from the right-hand menu.

There are two types of alert messages. The School Custom Message will populate when a requestor selects your school before submitting a verification request. It will appear in red below your school name. Examples of when this may be useful include if your school is often confused for another school or if you would like requestors to know what kind of degrees or certificates your school does or does not verify. The Pending Alert Message appears to requestors if a verification request goes into a pending status and the message visible within the verification details during the pending process. This can be useful if your school is on holiday break or if there is an event or outage that will affect verification turnaround times. Please note that if you would like for the message to be permanent, please be sure that the “To” date is not set later than the year 2098, because the year 2099 or later will cause a glitch.

This concludes the Verification Service demonstration. If you have any questions, please let us know during your activation call or consult with your contact within the Implementation department. If your service is already active, please contact your Verification Service representative at degreeverify@studentclearinghouse.org.

In the event that you need to change the option selected, you can either select “Cancel” at the bottom of the page or, if you select “I could not find any student that matches the information provided,” the response will reset and you may then select the appropriate response option.