Learn how to process attachments added by requestors on transcript orders.


Welcome to the Transcript Services tutorial processing attachments with Transcript Orders. Today we'll learn how to process attachments uploaded by the student during the ordering process. Once you've logged onto the secure site and are on the Transcript Services summary snapshot, you can process attachments from the search tab. You can also process attachments by using the information from the summary snapshot. Here we'll click the hyperlink for the two orders requiring attachment review directly from the summary snapshot. The orders will be displayed in a table at the bottom of the page. From here, we can click on a student name, order number or on the attachment icon to manage the attachments uploaded by the student.

This takes us to the detailed order information page scroll down to the manage transcript order section and click on manage attachments to view and process the attachments.

A new window appears. Here, we see all the attachments the student uploaded with their order and any special instructions. We can download a copy of the attachments to a local drive or view the attachments directly from the web browser by clicking on the hyperlink.

For mail paper transcripts, we'll need to download and print the attachments.

To send the attachments with the electronic transcript, click the send with order button. This automatically moves the attachment from the documents uploaded by requester section down to the documents to be delivered with your order section. We can also add any comments about the attachment processing. If for some reason you don't want to attach any of the student attachments, simply take no action. Here, we'll send the letter of recommendation and add comments indicating the reason why the resume is not being included with the electronic transcript. We can also upload any additional documents if needed. Mark the document review complete box and select done to continue processing the order.

This takes us back to the detailed order information screen. Scroll down to the manage transcript order section. Here we see details on our attachments. We'll also need to upload the electronic PDF transcript and apply the changes. Ellucian eTranscript schools will not need to upload a PDF.

This takes us back to the search results page. At any time, we can go back and view the complete order history including information on the student attachments, the attachments delivered and any associated comments.

For more detailed information, please review the users's guide online or view our other available tutorials.

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