Learn how to customize your college’s or university’s Transcript Services Welcome Message.


Welcome to Customizing your Welcome Messages. Today we’ll show you how to view and edit messages that are displayed to requestors.

The Customize Your Welcome Message allows you to create your own welcome page message to be displayed to your students and alumni before they place their orders. You can use this feature to provide holiday office closing alerts, specific ordering instructions, or any other message. It’s recommended to update this message to alert requestors when something occurs that may impact your processing time and then update it after the message is no longer needed to your standard message. Please Note: Transcript Ordering does not have a history of messages or templates, so it’s best to keep a record separately if you have specific language.

To customize or change your welcome message, login to the Clearinghouse’s secure site and select the Transcript Services tab.

We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Next, Select the Administrative tab.

In order to customize the welcome message, you must have the Transcript Coordinator roles.

In the Custom Welcome Page Editor, please enter the text and format it to show how you want it to appear on your welcome page.

You can change the color, font, font size, and add bullets.

To add a hyperlink, select the display text with your mouse and then click the link button. Fill in the hyperlink information and click ok.

Please do not copy and paste from word documents. We recommend you type your message directly into Transcript Ordering’s “Custom Welcome Page Editor.” If you opt to copy your message, we recommend saving it to Notepad first and then copying from Notepad to the Welcome Page Editor.

Next, review and confirm the message before saving.

When you're ready, Select Save when completed.
Please do not select “Save” until you are comfortable with your changes, as it will replace your message on the welcome page. If you do not want the changes to be made, select ‘Cancel’.

Please Note:

  • You are not able to insert images into your message.
  • HTML tags are not accepted.
  • How formatting appears can vary by browser.

Once saved, your custom text will be applied to your Welcome page within 15 minutes.

If you wish to direct your students directly to your Transcript Ordering welcome page from your school website to order transcripts, you can place a link on your school website. Please use the link shown and remember to add your school specific OPEID where designated.

Once an order has been placed, students and requestors can check the status of the order by going to the link listed on the screen and entering in the order number and email address used to place the order.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 703-742-4200. You can also email us at service@studentclearinghouse.org.