Learn what you need to get started submitting graduate (diploma) files.

This session is intended for secondary schools active with StudentTracker.



Welcome to StudentTracker. StudentTracker is an outcomes and reporting service that enables you to track the postsecondary pathways and outcomes of your high school graduates. The Clearinghouse has created a series of short videos to help you get started with your student file submissions. For the file submission you'll need to know and provide your service agreement number, also known as your account number, your account name, your high school's name and your ACT code. If you have a state or district account, you will need the names and ACT codes for each of your high schools. You can find your service agreement number and account name in the how to get started email you receive from our implementations team. If you have a district or state account, you also received an account reference sheet with a list of your high schools and their ACT codes. You will need this information to create your student graduates files. We recommend that you have the submit a graduates file guide open as you watch this course. All resources mentioned throughout this video series can be found on the materials tab of the course. If you have already implemented StudentTracker, you can go to the next lesson now. If this is your first time implementing StudentTracker, we recommend first developing an understanding of the types of insight you would like to glean from Clearinghouse data and how you want to use the optional data elements. If you plan to pull your student data from your student information system or data warehouse, you should also have your technical person standing by. In the following videos, we'll cover how to set up your graduate file.

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