Learn what to enter in the two cells of the trailer row of the StudentTracker for High Schools graduates file.

This session is intended for secondary schools active with StudentTracker.



Now that the header and detail rows are populated, let's create the trailer row. The trailer row is independent from the student detail rows. It is used by the Clearinghouse to let our system know that the file ends at that row. There are two columns in this row. PT3 in column A of the trailer row indicates to our system that the row is the trailer row. PT3 must be capitalized and only appears once in this file. The record count in column B of the trailer row is a tally of the total number of rows in the file including the header row, all student detail rows and the trailer row. For example, if you submit a graduate file with 98 students, the record count entered in column B would be 100. To finish creating your file, join us next time to learn how to save your file.

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