Learn what to include in the header row of the StudentTracker for High Schools graduates file.

This session is intended for secondary schools active with StudentTracker.



Now that the file is formatted and the student data added, let's create the header row which is the first row in the file. The header row is independent from the student detail rows. This is key to ensuring the load step of the submission process goes smoothly. If the header row is incorrectly formatted or missing, your file will not pass validations and will not be read and processed. Insert a row at the top. Make sure the cell in row one column e is formatted as yyyymmdd and the other new cells are formatted as text.

PH3 in cell A1 indicates to the Clearinghouse system that the row is the header row and identifies it as a StudentTracker file. PH3 must be capitalized and only needs to appear once.

In cell B1, enter your service agreement number or account code which was provided in your implementation email. It's very important that you enter this number correctly so that your student data is associated with your StudentTracker account. If you do not know your service agreement number or account code, please contact the Clearinghouse at StudentTracker@studentclearinghouse.org.

In cell C1, enter your account name. This is your high school or district's name and is used to ensure that the account code entered in B1 is accurate.

Cell D1 is populated with a capital P to indicate that the file contains high school diploma records.

Cell E1 contains the file transmission date which is the date you are sending the file to the Clearinghouse.

Finally, cell F1 contains the diploma period. If your students graduate once a year, the period will be the year the student graduated such as 2022. If your students graduate throughout the year or you're sending multiple years in a single file, enter the date range. As a reminder, all dates must be in the yyyymmdd format.

There should be no data populated in the header row after cell F1 because the header row is only used by the Clearinghouse to identify who sent the file and the diploma range the file contains. It does not need column headings. Do not add column headers that are different from what is included in the header row. Adding a column header row will prevent your file from being processed because our system will assume it is a detail row.

Now that we've created the header row, join us next time to learn how to create the trailer row.

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