Learn to download the StudentTracker for High Schools reports from you FTP receive folder. Roles needed: Technical

This session is intended for secondary institutions active with StudentTracker for High Schools.

so welcome everyone. Some folks asked where to get the reports, so I will go into the FTP account and show you how to get them. I am starting at studentclearinghouse.org.

When you scroll over you see this thing right here FTP login. FTP stands for file transfer portal. It's actually a secure method of transmitting data. So remember, we're 30 years old. When we first started, this was pretty fabulous technology. This was how colleges submitted their data to us. Remember, they were submitting student data so it was extremely important that that data be protected. So all of our services still use FTP. So whoever is on your FTP will come out here. I'm going to log in.

So when your account was set up, there were folks who were designated who to be that technical contact the one who would be responsible for uploading your student graduates. Typically it is someone who's more technically oriented because they're going to go out to your SIS and run a script and pull out the data and have it formatted in the way that we need.

This is our test account that we use at the Clearinghouse. So you see this is us. When you log into your FTP you're going to see something like this. I'm a Clearinghouse user and I have what we call this super user access but yours is similar. Right here is the list of emails that are on your FTP account. So here you might recognize that's my last name and then this is my colleague. He and I are on this FTP. The credentials for the FTP site are shared. This is important. This is our username and then Puran and I have to share the password to get here. So who's ever on your FTP, you need to understand that because they're the ones that are going to upload data but more importantly when the reports are sent back they're going to go into the folder and get those reports.

Okay. You're going to see something like this the receive and the receive archive. So in receive, this is where your reports go and they stay here for 90 days and you're going to see the dates. So something was just created here just the other day. And again our test account, so you're going to see tons of stuff in here. But every time we generate reports on an effective date, you will always get a student level detail and over here on the far right this is where you download it. And you're always going to get this other row that is your packet of aggregate reports and if I'm hovering you should be able to see this is a zip folder. And in the world of technology ZIP means it's a way to combine a ton a ton a ton of files into one folder that makes it easier to transmit. So I'm going to come over here see this action, it's a download button.

When you download, you're going to see something like this it's opening it's on my other screen. I see a little box pop up that tells me to open the file. Sometimes it goes to your desktop but when you open it it looks something like this.

So the basic packet, here's the PDF, here's the demographics, and here's the academic, here's your top 25. And based on what type of account you have the first ones are always at the account level so it might be the district or it might be that Consortium but then it breaks down a set of the exact same reports for each individual high school. So again, this is our test account, when you open it this is for the high school. This is small. I have been to some districts that have you know 50 75 high schools 25 so this is a huge huge list but at least you can see how to get to your report, how we're returning them that there's the aggregate for the account and the individual high schools that you can share.

You said the reports are there for 90 days what happens after those 90 days? You can see I'm sharing receive, receive archive. After 90 days they moved to archive where they stay another 90 days and then after 180 days they're lost. Hopefully you'll be able to download those reports you know timely when you get the notification that the reports have been sent there. And then people download them and I'm hoping you have somewhere in your systems where you have secure folders where you can put this data to share with your colleagues.

If you have questions you can send an email to StudentTracker at studentclearinghouse.org. This is the StudentTracker specific email.

Michele, we got a question. If you only have one high school in your District then your district report and your high school report are exactly the same correct? Correct.

Thank you for joining

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