Learn what videos are relevant to new Postsecondary Data Partnership data users and other users.

This session is intended for post-secondary institutions active with the Postsecondary Data Partnership.


The National Student Clearinghouse’s Postsecondary Data Partnership, or PDP, dashboards are a rich source of information about your institution and students.

To help you better understand how to use these dashboards, we have prepared tutorials. You may be wondering, which tutorials would be best for you to watch?

That depends in part on your questions. You may have a specific question in mind, or you may want to gain insights through the PDP’s intersectional approach, which allows the use of dimensions and multiple filters simultaneously.

If you’re new to the PDP and your focus is on data analysis, we suggest you watch the following tutorials:

The “Purpose of the Postsecondary Data Partnership” explains the mission of the National Student Clearinghouse, its impact on higher education, and the role of the PDP in supporting that mission.

“The Postsecondary Data Partnership Process” gives an overview of the types of data the institution submits, when those data are uploaded, how those data are processed, validated, and checked, and how those data are reported.

Lastly, the “The Postsecondary Data Partnership Metrics” discusses the key performance indicators reported in the PDP dashboards, definitions of common metrics reported in the PDP, like first-year student, and provides a high-level summary of each dashboard.

After the overview tutorials, it’s time to explore the dashboards.

We recommend you start with the Enrollment dashboard to explore your institution’s enrollments in the PDP’s cohort-based model. This is a great way to get a quick look into the composition of your entering student cohorts from various perspectives.

Then dive into early momentum metrics by watching tutorials like Credit Completion Ratio to learn how these metrics can help advance your insights into first year academic momentum. Early momentum metrics are highly predictive of 6-year award rates.

Then, get acquainted with the PDP outcomes, transfer, and time to credentials. And then explore Retention and Persistence.

Once you've gone through this content, you're ready to explore additional topics, like gateway courses, in "Getting Started with the PDP: Data Elements".

If you’re interested in diversity and equity, these tutorials will give you tips on how to explore your institution’s PDP dashboards from an equity lens.

In “Credentials Earned by Hispanic Male Students Before and After Transferring to a 4-Year Institution,” you can learn to apply filters and dimensions in the Transfer dashboard to focus attention on a specific student population to better understand their outcomes.

“Identifying Equity Gaps” offers an example of how the PDP can be used to identify equity gaps between student populations using two of the early momentum metric dashboards.

In “Recruiting and Supporting a More Diverse Student Body”, we explore how community members can use the Student Insights dashboard to find trends related to outcomes for diverse populations.

These are just a few examples of tutorials that can provide tips on exploring your institution’s PDP dashboards.

For more helpful content to watch, look for the guide under the materials section of this tutorial.

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