Learn about SSCR Error Code 63 and how to correct the SSCR error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site. This error code is related to the Weeks in Title IV Academic Year.

Welcome to the tutorial on SSCR error code 63. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain what SSCR error code 63 is, what causes it, and how to resolve the error.
Per the NSLDS, SSCR error code 63 is caused by a program length listed on the record that is either non-numeric or all zeroes.
SSCR error code 63 occurs when the Program Length listed on the record is either not numeric or is reported as all zeroes. The most common occurrence of this error is when the program length is all zeroes. To resolve the error, update the student’s record to reflect the correct program length, ensuring that it is numeric and non-zero. When updating the record, ensure that the program length is in the 6 digit format with an implied decimal between the third and fourth digits.
Now we will go over how to view and correct a student's record.
Under the ‘NSLDS Reporting’ tab, the most recent reports at the top of the list.
Click on the hyperlinked number under the ‘# of Students with Errors’ column.
This will bring you to the list of students with errors. Click on the hyperlinked SSN for the student with error code 63 that needs to be corrected.
The next page will show the student’s editable record. Update the Program Length to a valid length using the six-digit format, ensuring that it is not all zeroes. After updating the programs as needed, click the green ‘Submit’ button to send the record to the Clearinghouse for processing.
For additional assistance correcting SSCR error code 63, please reach out to us at SSCRerrors@studentclearinghouse.org.

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