Learn about SSCR Error Code 11 and how to correct the SSCR error on the Clearinghouse’s secure site. This error code is related to student data that does not match to NSLDS.

Welcome to the tutorial on SSCR error code 11. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain what SSCR error code 11 is, what causes it, and how to resolve the error.

Per the NSLDS, SSCR error code 11 is caused by the student record in the Clearinghouse system not matching to the one in NSLDS.

SSCR error code 11 occurs when student’s record in the Clearinghouse does not match to NSLDS by the name, date of birth or SSN.

To resolve SSCR error code 11, first review the student’s record in the Clearinghouse system to determine if any information is incorrect. If the record is not correct, update the necessary information through the Student Look-Up tab. If the record is correct, you will need to work directly with NSLDS to determine the discrepancy between their system and ours.

Now we will go over how to review and correct a student’s record.

After logging in, go under the ‘Student Look-Up’ tab. Once there, enter the student’s SSN and click Search.

On the next page, click on the ‘Update Student Record’ link to bring up a quick view of the student’s details.

Review the student’s name, SSN, and date of birth to determine if any corrections are needed. If corrections are needed, go under the ‘Select Edit Option’ drop down.

If only the date of birth needs to be updated, choose the Update Date of Birth, Anticipated Graduation Date, and/or Block Data Status option. From there, update the student’s date of birth and then click Submit

If the name or SSN needs to be updated, choose the ‘Other Changes’ Option.

Update the student’s name and SSN as needed and then scroll to the bottom of the page to submit the record by clicking the green submit button.

For additional assistance correcting SSCR error code 11, please reach out to us at SSCRerrors@studentclearinghouse.org.

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