In this lesson you will learn which user roles are specific to the StudentTracker for High Schools service.



Welcome. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain user roles related to StudentTracker for High Schools. Staff at institutions active with StudentTracker for High Schools can access either the secure FTP or Clearinghouse secure site depending on their user role designations.

Roles associated with StudentTracker for High Schools include user admin, billing, FTP, reports, technical, other, ST billing and ST executive.

The following are organization level roles: user admin and billing. The user admin is the over overall school administrator of the account. They can add, remove and modify user access. They can assign roles and update contact information. This role requires a web ID, which are credentials to access the Clearinghouse secure site.

The billing role is the contact that is responsible for the overall organization's billing of applicable Clearinghouse services. Only one person is permitted to hold this designation.

FTP users can upload and download StudentTracker reports. They also receive email notifications for StudentTracker for High School's reporting activity. This role also requires a web ID.

Users with reports access can request and generate StudentTracker reports. This level of access requires a web ID.

Technical users can upload test files on the Clearinghouse secure site. After logging in with their web ID they can create and edit files for submission.

School users who are granted permission to speak with the Clearinghouse about your account but who do not need one of the other available user roles typically are given the other role. These users are listed on your institution's contact list and are granted permission to speak with the Clearinghouse rep regarding your account activity.

The ST billing user is the designated person at your institution who should receive your service invoice. This role is limited to one user.

The ST executive role manages your school's StudentTracker contractual relationship with the Clearinghouse. This is most likely the person authorized to sign your contract with the Clearinghouse. The role is limited to one user.

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