Learn how the three effective dates are set and to understand the effective dates.

Welcome. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain effective dates for StudentTracker for High Schools. The StudentTracker High School service has three effective dates. These occur in mid-to-late April, mid-August and mid-to-late November. StudentTracker reports are generated three times per year and correspond to these effective dates. The Clearinghouse's Research Center sets the effective date once the majority of colleges have submitted their current term enrollment records. The effective date is established to ensure that your StudentTracker reports provide the most comprehensive enrollment and degree data provided by the colleges and universities for a given period and that all secondary education institutions are matched against the same set of postsecondary data. Reports generated in between effective dates will be processed against the most recent effective date; no new data will be reported. The StudentTracker reports are available in your FTP mailbox. Any reports if not saved locally will need to be requested from the reports library. After accessing the reports library, select the appropriate effective date from the dropdown, then select the reports you need. You can view the most recent effective date as well as your StudentTracker subscription's end date by accessing the StudentTracker application and viewing the information on the landing page. For more information, please view our other tutorials online.

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