Learn about the StudentTracker for High Schools graduates file optional program code field, the requester return field for internal tracking of a specific school, district, or state program.

This session is intended for secondary schools active with StudentTracker.



To get the most value out of the data you receive from the Clearinghouse, we advise that you submit values for program code which is in column AA. This is an optional, free form field where you can enter values that are important for your institution's own analysis and which will be included in your student level detail report. As a result upon receiving your report you can sort or disaggregate by this code.

You can enter any character you want, up to a 50 character limit for the program code except for single quotes, double quotes, dashes or hyphens. If you want to look at which students took advanced placement classes for example you can enter AP or enter FAFSA for the students who've completed the FAFSA and do not input any value if they have none. You're not limited to the codes we mentioned or the program codes included in the graduates file submission guide. You can enter any code that would be beneficial to your analysis. If you want to enter multiple values, you can separate them with an underscore or a period. See how your data and hours can work together to glean the best insights for your Institution.

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