For the benchmarking dashboard, learn to use the filters to select at least 5 institutions to benchmark your institution against.

This session is intended for post-secondary institutions active with the Postsecondary Data Partnership.



Benchmarking enables you to select what institutions you want to benchmark your institution against. When you access a benchmarking dashboard, you need to select at least five institutions for the dashboard to generate. To make your selections, select the data sources edit button. If you are a system or third party, select the institution you wish a benchmark against. For single institutions, your institution is already selected. All available PDP participating institutions are listed in the filtered institution search box drop-down list. You can search by institution name or OPEID code. Use the right pointing arrow to move a single institution or the double arrows to move all institutions in the search results into your benchmarking institutions list. Any institution you no longer wish to have in your benchmarking group can be removed. Use the available filters to find PDP participating institutions that match your benchmarking criteria. You can select multiple filters. Filtered institutions will display in the drop-down list once you click in the search box. The number of Institutions that match the criteria is displayed above the search box. If there's there zero institutions available to add to the benchmarking list and you need additional institutions, adjust the filters to broaden your match criteria. You will need to remove at least one of the benchmarking institutions to change your filters and can re-add the institution once you've adjusted the filters. Changing filters will not impact the institutions in your benchmarking list. You may also select clear all to remove all filters to start over. When you have your list of at least five institutions, click apply settings to render the dashboard. You can see your selections while on the dashboard. If you want to change the benchmarking institutions, go back to the data sources popup. You can click clear all to remove all institutions and select a new group or cancel changes to keep your existing benchmarking institutions group. For more information on the PDP dashboard go to Clearinghouse Academy or the PDP knowledge base.

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