In this lesson you will get an overview of the X program enrollment status.


The purpose of this tutorial is to explore the X enrollment status and how to submit it to the Clearinghouse both manually and in a file submission update.

An enrollment status of X indicates that a student was never enrolled.

However, the Clearinghouse update for the X status applies only to reporting the X status on program level data, does not apply to enrollment at the campus level, and provides schools a way to correct program level data to reflect a student was never enrolled in a particular program.

Most importantly, the Clearinghouse X enrollment status update gives schools the means to correct erroneous program-level data that was previously submitted to the Clearinghouse.

Student enrollment status can be updated manually in several places: when you add a new student, update the program indicator and/or program information for a student, re-enroll a student, or under other changes.

But how do you know when an updated program enrollment status of X is needed? You can use this process when corrections are needed for program CIP codes, credential levels, or program length.

To manually update a student’s enrollment status, first you must update the incorrectly reported program status to X. Then, set the program status effective date to match the program begin date. Finally, report the correct program enrollment data by adding a new program to this student’s record on our secure site.
Now let’s walk through the process together.

On the Clearinghouse secure site, under “Student Look-Up”, we’re going to select “Update Student Record” towards the bottom of the screen.

Once we get to this screen, we’re going to select the pull down menu under “Select Edit Options.” In this example, we’re going to update the program indicator and/or program information.

Remember, the manual update to a program enrollment status of X can be utilized in cases where the program CIP code has been incorrectly reported.

First we need to update the students enrollment status for this program to “Never Attended, X.” Next we need to add the correct program CIP and information.

For the program with the updated X status, program begin date and program status effective dates fields have been disabled.
Remember, you can also use a similar method to correct program information through adding a new student, re-enrolling a student, or under other changes.

To make these program changes through an enrollment file submission, you would need to reflect the incorrectly reported program with the X enrollment status and add the new program with correct information for the student.

The School Operation Department should be contacted in cases where the CIP code needing correction is an invalid code or for numerous corrections of the same type. They can be reached at