This lesson features Early Registration and Advanced Registration File Types and explains the distinct purpose and usage for these two unique file types


Welcome to this installment of our Enrollment Reporting lessons, featuring the Early Registration file type and Advanced Registration file type.
The Early Registration file type is optional, and is therefore, not required on your school’s Enrollment Reporting schedule. If your institution schedules an Early Registration file, you should send the file on or after the Term Begin Date. This file type is designed to capture early registrants who are at least HALF TIME on the Term Begin Date. Because this is an early registrant file, students BELOW Half Time are rejected from this file type. Early Registration files are the same file layout as first of term and subsequent of term files.
Here is an Early Registration file type example for a hypothetical academic school calendar. The Fall Term Begin Date is September 7th. Schedule the Early Registration file ON or AFTER the Term Begin Date.
To recap, the Early Registration file type is OPTIONAL, students certified below Half Time are not processed until the First of Term file type submission. This file type notifies NSLDS and loan servicers of federal loan students who are eligible for in-school deferment and does so early on in the term. Please do not schedule before your Term’s Begin Date. The file format is the same as other enrollment files.
The Advanced Registration file is optional for Student Self-Service schools and can be submitted PRIOR to the term begin date. This file type reduces administrative burden at the school in managing enrollment verification requests. This file is not utilized for NSLDS or loan servicer notifications.
Here is an example school calendar. In this hypothetical, we’re showcasing the time frame for a Student Self-Service School who is sending an Advanced Registration file type. In this example, the Fall Term Begin Date is September 7th. Your institution can send one or more Advanced Registration file types prior to the September 7th Term Begin Date.
To recap, Advanced Registration files can be sent any time prior to the Term Begin Date and can be leveraged in place of Early Registration files. This data is ONLY used for Student Self-Service enrollment verifications and good student discounts. Data from this file type is not utilized for NSLDS or loan servicer reporting.
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Thank you for viewing the Enrollment Reporting: Early Registration versus Advanced Registration File Type lesson.

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