Learn how to manually link a student’s 2020 CIP Code Program to a previously reported Program using the error resolution report.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manually link a student's 2020 CIP code program to a previously reported program using the error resolution report.

Once you've logged on to our secure site, go to the list of all your current errors and warnings. To view linkable programs, click on the error code number 1568. Additionally, error code number 1577 will also allow you to view a student's program level data and perform the manual program linkage if needed.

Then click the details plus sign to the left of each student record and then scroll to the bottom of their details record page to view the unreported program information.

In order to link two programs together, you'll first need to populate the unreported program enrollment status to moved, which will then allow you to edit the 11th moved field on that program. From that drop down menu on the 11th field, you'll be able to select one of the eligible unlinked new programs in which this program can be linked to. Once you have selected a program from the drop down menu, it will also auto populate the unreported program enrollment status effective date for you based on the program in which you are linking that particular program to.

Please also be aware that after selecting the moved status from the drop down menu, if there are no eligible programs to link that program to, then there will be no eligible programs displayed to choose from on the drop down menu in the 11th moved field.

Once changes are made to the unreported program to link it to one of the incoming programs on the student's record, scroll up to that incoming program on their details page on their report. Notice that the moved field is now populated with the unreported program that you've selected to move from.

Once all desired changes have been made, click the submit for validation button to send the updated changes back to the Clearinghouse.

Please also be advised that once you link two programs together this change cannot be undone. So please be sure to review these changes carefully before submitting for validation.

At the bottom of the page where it lists all the students flagging the error code there's also a link to the CIP linkage FAQ page as well as the NCES crosswalk table.

If you do have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to us at schoolops@studentclearinghouse.org.

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