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Academy Courses

Enrollment Reporting: An Introduction

New to the Clearinghouse or to the role of a registrar? Learn about the Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting service, the NSLDS’ status requirements, and how enrollment data moves between your institution and the NSLDS, lenders, guarantors, and servicers. 

Enrollment Reporting: Error Resolution

In this course you will learn how to correct and resolve errors through the Clearinghouse Secure Site, including how to review and export error reports and how to correct specific enrollment errors.

Enrollment Reporting: Error Resolution (En español)

En este curso aprenderá a corregir y resolver errores de SSCR a través del sitio seguro de Clearinghouse.

Enrollment Reporting: File Submission

Learn the basics of file submission, working with a submission schedule to ensure your institution remains in compliance, and specific enrollment status’ and situations.

Enrollment Reporting: File Submission (En español)

En este curso aprenderá los conceptos básicos del envío de archivos, trabajando con un horario para asegurarse de que su institución cumpla con los requisitos y el estado, y las situaciones específicas de inscripción.

Enrollment Reporting: NSLDS SSCR Errors

In this course you will learn how to correct and resolve errors through the Clearinghouse Secure Site, including how to correct specific SSCR errors.

Federal Financial Aid Enrollment Compliance Reporting

In this course you will explore the basics of Compliance Reporting, take a deeper look into topics about reporting your data, and a comprehensive look at the National Student Clearinghouse’s Enrollment Reporting service as it relates to both financial aid and registrar offices.


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