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Education-Based Insights

Helping Businesses and Customers Grow Together

The National Student Clearinghouse’s business solutions provide education-based insights to help you better understand your customers and prospective customers, and qualify them for benefits. Through our timely education data resources and powerful analytics, we help bridge the gap between businesses and consumers.

Why Education Data?

Unlike many alternative data sources, education data is:

  • Timely and accurate
  • Comprehensive
  • Growing

Why the Clearinghouse?

  • Unique source for verified 1st-party data, both current and historical, from 3,600 institutions nationwide provided directly to us for 30 years
  • Covers 97% of enrolled college students
  • Educational insights on most Americans, including 45 years of historical education data
  • Enrollment data updated every 30-45 days
  • Committed to privacy and compliance laws

Education Insights
Bring Visibility to the Credit Invisible

Our Insights platform provides a powerful new lens that changes the way you see and interact with customers and your prospective customers — where they are today and where they’ll be tomorrow.

Elevate Your Understanding of Your Customers

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of your customers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z
  • Get timely updates on student customers’ educational status
  • Qualify and engage credit invisibles

Improve Your Competitive Advantage

  • Offer new opportunities to underserved markets
  • Drive sustainable & resilient new growth
  • Broaden your business intelligence
  • Take your authentication & verification measures to the next level

Yes, I want to learn how education data can help me help my customers.