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Enrolled Students Approximate Annual Orders
Approximate time to process each order manually (minutes)
Percentage of touchless orders with eTranscripts
Estimated time saved (hours) 0
Full-Time Employee Compensation
Full-Time Employee Annual Hours Worked
Number of Full-Time Employee Positions Potentially Saved/Redeployed 5.7
$ Saved/Redeployed in Full-Time Salaries $0.00
Credit Card Fee per Transaction
$ Saved in Credit Card Fees $0.00
Paper/Ink Cost (per page)
Envelope Cost per Transcript
Postage Cost per Transcript
Annual Electronic Conversion
$ Saved in Printing & Mailing $0.00
Total $ Saved with eTranscripts from the Clearinghouse $0.00     Reset

Number of minutes to process each order is an average of the amount of time it takes to intake the transcript request, input the data, and prepare the transcript for mailing. Full-time employee compensation is a national average of registrar’s office salaries. Full-time employee annual hours worked assumes 40 hours/week, five weeks paid time off, and two weeks of holidays. Results obtaining using our eTranscripts savings calculator are estimates only based on your input values and the National Student Clearinghouse’s experience providing transcript services to other institutions. Your actual costs may vary based on a number of factors, including selected features and the volume of orders placed by your students.

The calculator assumes institutional customers are currently operating in a fully paper-based environment with no current forms of electronic delivery.


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